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Welcome to visiting Smart Logistics web. Smart Logistics come up with the smart way of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services around the world.

Our main point of view to provide a complete solution for Freight forwarding services to the Clients.

Strong reputation and intention enable us to expand in step with our customer in the Globe,

Customer s required and demands always honor responding to the ideal way local and global.


Smart Logistics aim customer care is one of the most important keys to sustaining in market wherever you are around the world.


We do everything on behalf of customer demands and increasing demands for smart solutions and driven integrated services to meet their requirements.


Smart Logistics Specialized in Projects and Logistics industry having expertly skilled staff and utmost services provide to our clients.


Smart Logistics, Connecting for ALL GCC countries Land Transportation Services for dedicated clients.

Smart Logistics, having specialized services for 3ways exports strategy AIR, ROAD, and SEA worldwide.


Smart Logistics Solutions Ideas hothouse of the organization of world-class customers and suppliers provided strategic services their requirements.


Smart Logistics take full advantage of its multifarious of quality services, its Global infrastructure, resources, and expertise to deliver smart solutions that result in cost and time efficiency.


Smart Logistics outlook for performance, services, and safety, regardless of the complexity of Project and Logistics services, we are well appointed for any and all challenges task.

Merging worldwide markets and increasing flows of goods challenges we face day by day.


Smart Logistics Commitment to fulfill customer needs and driven business long lasting relationship.

Based on customer’s satisfaction enable us to take advantage of any challenging steps in future.


Smart Logistics understand for local and international market and always tries to provide services to our client world-class services that make us more confident.


Smart Logistics vision a relationship is the only one key that opens the Doors around the World without any of recommendation.


Thanking you once again for journey with Smart Logistics


Key Person:
Mohammad Farooque
Phone:    +966 50 6655503 / +966 55 0286735
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